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As part of the School Psychology Service, our School Psychologist provides support to the school as part of our student services team. Referrals to the Student Services team are managed using a collaborative approach to determine the most appropriate support for each student. Please refer to our Students At Educational Risk Flowchart for further information on our referral process.

Requests for service, data collection and information from the School Psychologist will be considered in light of the school’s priorities, School Psychologist case load and what is considered essential to the improvement of educational outcomes and wellbeing of students.

The School Psychologist provides support to the school in the areas of behaviour, learning, mental health and wellbeing. Psychological service can be consultation, assessment, referrals to relevant agencies or supporting staff in implementing interventions such as individual student plans. The School Psychologist role at Success Primary School does not include individual student counselling.

Parental consent is required for the School Psychologist to be involved in supporting your child. For access to Student Services support, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s support needs or concerns you may have.