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Parking Plan July 2014 copy

School Parking Notice

Dear Parents

To ensure ongoing parking congestion is avoided the following information outlines parking requirements around the school. (PLEASE SEE MAP)

Meridian Loop.

1. The embayed parking on Meridian Loop is a designated Zone (Maximum of 5 minutes only). Council signage will display ‘5 min standing between 7.30 – 9.00am and 2.30 – 4pm school days’. This means that there is no parking allowed. This zone can be utilised by Kindergarten, Pre-Primary and Year One parents only. Parents should not leave their car in this zone.

2. The existing car park is designated as a Kindergarten and Pre-Primary parking area.

NOTE: Parking contrary to Council signage and on footpaths is an offence and attracts fines issued by the Ranger. The School does not support parents parking unlawfully. Remember there is overflow parking available at the Blackford Turn council parking area and the Rugby Club.

Columbus Loop.

1. The embayed parking on Columbus Loop is a designated zone. Council signage will display ‘5 min standing between 7.30 – 9.00am and 2.30 – 4pm school days’. The rear car park will remain designated for parent parking for YR 1-6 parents. Parents of YR 1-6 students are encouraged to use this side of the School for drop off or collection of children.

Parents are also encouraged to utilise parking at the Success Sporting complex off Hammond Rd. This is only a 200 metre walk to school cross the reserve.

NOTE: Staff car parks are only accessible to staff with a Staff Permit Card. The front visitor car parking allows for parking for

Visitors, Student Services and deliveries between 9am and 2.30pm

ACROD and Permit holders.

NB: ACROD PARKING is also available in the STAFF CAR PARK

Any unauthorised vehicles parking in these areas will be reported attracting ‘move on’ or ‘infringement notices’.

All traffic and parking by-laws will be fully enforced by the Ranger throughout the school year.

Please be aware that queuing while waiting to enter the car park is also an offence and can attract an infringement as it causes traffic congestion.

Please note that any cars parking across footpaths and blocking pedestrian access is an offence also and can attract an infringement.

The School Community appreciates your support and co-operation in assisting us to make traffic management as effective and as safe as possible for all our students.