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Salam kenal semua, nama saya Pak Laidler, dan saya guru Bahasa Indonesia di Success PS.

Hi all, my name is Pak Laidler, and I teach Indonesian at Success PS. In the Language classroom, we learn to speak Indonesian with the help of iPad apps, as well as more traditional language learning techniques! We also make good use of the WA Curriculum programme “Ketawa”, which looks at various aspects of Indonesian culture as well as intensive language learning.

As one of the world’s largest nations, and of course our closest geographical neighbour, Indonesia is a fascinating and varied country. It is hoped that by studying the language at an early age, we will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country beyond the beaches of Bali.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at school or at


Sanpai jumpa!

Pak Laidler