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With the support of our parent community, our students at Success participate in a 1:1 iPad program.

Background to the Program

During 2018, Success PS teaching staff engaged with a digital technology coach from Winthrop Australia to build their capacity to use an iPad as a cross curricular learning tool to engage our students and to also provide our students with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a different way.  We also surveyed our parent community about a 1:1 iPad program, with many parents supporting the implementation.  Information on the program was disseminated and discussed at a parent open night, a parent information session, face to face conversations, via email and on our school website and Connect in the latter part of 2018.  We also developed an iPad User Agreement with our students and invited parent feedback.  The agreement is aligned with our STARS Behaviour Expectations.  This agreement is reviewed each year and signed by the principal, student, classroom teacher and parent at the start of each school year. Minor and major breach notifications are issued to students and are communicated to parents, which reflect the iPad User Agreement.

At the end of 2018, we identified two staff members to continue with the role of digital coach in 2019.  The 1:1 iPad Program commenced at the start of 2019 with 97% uptake in Year 1-5 in mainstream and 43% in education support.  We lease iPads with the support of our P and C for our Kindy and Pre-primary students to access and for each member of our teaching staff.  iPads are also available for our education assistants to use to support the students they work with. Students unable to participate in the program are provided with a school managed iPad.  School managed iPads are also accessible to our education support classes.  All student owned iPads are managed through Jamf School – formerly ZuluDesk – mobile device management for schools whilst on school grounds.  In 2021 we will update our security which will ensure that all home apps are no longer visible on student iPads during school hours, only school apps will be accessible. Once students are at home, the apps reappear.

About the Program

The program’s vision is aligned with DOE ‘2020 – 2024 ICT Vision for Teaching and Learning in Public Schools’, the Western Australian ICT General Capabilities, Western Curriculum in Design and Digital Technologies, Health, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science as well as the Arts, Languages and Physical Education and our Future Aspirations for our students at Success.

The program empowers and encourages our students to:

  • Be inspired to apply creative thinking and design processes to generate and test ideas and co-create solutions.
  • Become discerning users of technology and chose the right tools at the right time.
  • Navigate the digital environment responsibly, safely, and ethically to maximise opportunities in learning, work and life.
  • Personalise their learning, and use technology to generate new ideas and new ways to learn.
  • Be empowered to use technology to create, use and communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • Take an active and strategic role in suing technology to achieve learning outcomes.
  • Be critical consumers of information to enrich their learning and broaden their understanding.
  • Model positive and responsible use of technology, focusing on wellbeing, cyber safety, global citizenship, cultural competence and ethical practices.
  • Be well prepared to take the next step beyond school into further education, training or work.

Maintaining Positive Partnerships and Relations

We have and will continue to provide our parents with opportunities to attend face to face workshops at our school and regularly distribute information on device management at home through partnerships with Ysafe (https://www.ysafe.com.au/),and  the esafety commissioner (https://www.esafety.gov.au/) We also send regular notifications on Connect and Facebook on parental controls through screen time and information on apps that students use at school and at home (e.g. Tik Tok, Roblox, Youtube).

Each year our staff, students and parent community are invited to provide feedback on the 1:1 iPad Program.  The analysis of these surveys informs our operational planning and guides our teaching and learning.  We are also guided by our school business plan and DOE documents – 2020-2024 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategy and 2020-2024 ICT Vision for Teaching and Learning in Public Schools, the Western Australian Curriculum and our Teaching and Learning Model.