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The School Board is comprised of parents, teachers and community members who contribute to the strategic policy direction of the School. In simple terms, the Board serves to influence and shape the values that underpin the School which in turn influences the education our kids receive.   If you have any queries about the School Board, what it is and what it does, suggestions or recommendations for the School or how to get involved with it please feel free to contact any of the Board members identified below or email Success.PS.SuccessSchoolBoard@education.wa.edu.au

Andy Barrett
Andy is father to 3 children, two of which are now at Success Primary School.  He was formerly a High School Phys Ed teacher in the UK, but has been living in Australia for since 2004.  Andy is passionate about positive education and health and wellbeing of the school community of students, teachers and parents.  After spending the past couple of years managing a team to implement wellbeing whole school frameworks into schools across WA, he has recently started his own education consultancy called abcEd which looks at how schools build relationships and give staff, students and parents a sense of belonging and connectedness to their school.  Andy is excited to be given the opportunity to be the school’s Chair and help the school continue to grow and thrive together as a happy community.
Kristy Mularczyk

Kristy is an experienced Primary School Principal who is an accredited leadership coach with growth coaching international and has DiSC Accreditation with lntegro Learning Company. Her background includes: thirteen years of primary teaching; a year as a Literacy Curriculum Consultant facilitating First Steps Professional Learning to numerous schools in WA; five years as a Deputy Principal and eight years as a Principal. Career highlights have included winning the position of foundation Principal at Success, a ‘light house’ model for inclusion, relocating Jandakot ESC and Kim Beasley School to the site, integrating both Mainstream and Education Support learning environments in the same setting.

Through her love of learning, meeting and interacting with a diverse range of people, her career naturally led to teaching, leadership and coaching. Kristy is dedicated to public Education and committed to high performance and high care. She has a unique appreciation of mindset and is passionate about guiding people to recognise and build on strengths, combat change and find new pathways. Kristy challenges herself to embrace personal growth and continually grow as a leader.

Michelle Gilmore

Michelle Gilmore has 3 children aged 13, 10 and 5. Her eldest child is a foundation student of Success Primary so she has been a part of the Success community since it opened. Michelle works as a Digital Marketing Specialist and also an Account Manager for her family Engineering business. She has been a member of the P&C for the past 9 years and is very proud of being the Fete Co-ordinator for the two fetes held at the school which raised funds for the playground shade structures and air conditioning.

Christie-Lee Davies

Christie-Lee Davies has three children at Success PS – a son in year 3 Education Support and twin daughters in Pre-Primary.
Her son was diagnosed with brain cancer as a baby and all three of her children have autism.
Christie-Lee was previously a lawyer practising in the area of energy and resources, and also used to sit on the board of Playgroup WA. Christie-Lee is keen to encourage families to be an active part of their school community.

Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb has three children who attend Success Primary School. Lisa is the Publications Manager for the Western Australian Ombudsman and also runs a handmade card and gift business from home. Since making Success her home in 2006, Lisa is passionate about building a positive community both in and around the school. Lisa encourages all students and parents to contribute to the success of the school by supporting events, giving their time to help with activities, building relationships with teachers and families and communicating with the teaching staff and School Board to resolve any issues, make suggestions and offer positive feedback on school experiences.

Craig Sweet

Craig is the General Manger for one of the largest wine producers in Western Australia. Craig is a father of four and currently has two attending Success Primary School. Craig has lived in the local area for the past 11 years. He has been actively involved with Scouts Australia for the past 5 years and is presently a Cub leader at the Atwell Scout. The Cub Scout maxim of “learning by doing” is certainly one he subscribes to and encourages within his own family. Craig is committed to encouraging the schools efforts in educating and raising our children to be positive, responsible and to always seek to excel in their academic, community, sporting and social atmospheres.

Dr Chamonix Terblanche

Dr Chamonix Terblanche is a well known leader in our community. She is a Director on a range of Boards, holds a PhD in Business Information Systems, and has wide industry experience to National Presidency leadership level. Dr Terblanche has represented over 500,000 people in various roles she has held and is an occasional Sky News guest speaker.
With Dr Terblanche’s valuable industry and leadership experience she volunteered to assist the Success Primary School Board with the Board’s important role while her children attend the school in their
formative years.

Becky Renton

Becky Renton has two daughters at Success Primary School: one is in a Year 4 Education Support class, and the other is in a Year 2 mainstream class.  She is a primary school teacher who is committed to preparing students for an exciting and ever-changing future.  She is passionate about encouraging children to be the best version of themselves, and to become empathetic, well-rounded  people who engage positively with their community.  She is excited to be on the School Board and looks forward to making a positive contribution to Success Primary School.

Tash Pedersen

Natasha (Tash) Pedersen is the mother of 3 girls. Tash has been a member of the Success community since her family chose to build their home here in 2007. Tash has had a keen interest in early childhood development and education for many years, and is a qualified Education Assistant.

Eva Colic

Eva Colic has 2 boys who attend Success Primary School.  Eva is also on the Telstra WA Regional Board, and Personal Assistant to the Director of Telstra WA Regional Sales & Service.  As a parent, Eva would like to see every student at Success given the opportunity to excel and be amongst the brightest stars in WA.  Eva believes in a learning environment which also fosters self-esteem, self-awareness, resilience and social skills.

Kaye BlackburnKaye Blackburn

Kaye Blackburn is Associate Principal at Success Primary School and has over 28 years experience in teaching students with special needs in a variety of settings. Kaye is a foundation staff member and has been with the school since it opened in 2009. Kaye receives great satisfaction working in the school environment and believes that Success Primary School has the potential to offer great opportunities to all students and the community.

Penny McLean

Penny is an experienced Senior Teacher and has been a member of the Success Primary
School Team for over four years. She has held a range of roles at a cross section of
government schools over the last sixteen years including as a class teacher, team leader and
as a Learning Support Coordinator. Penny currently teaches in the Junior Phase of Learning
and is a member of the English Curriculum Team and National Quality Services Team at
Success Primary. Penny is passionate about working as a partner with the school community
to support students to develop as future global citizens.