My name is Vaughan Willis and I’ve been the chaplain at Success since 2nd Term 2017. I became a chaplain by accident – I was working in a good and secure job when I started thinking about a change and a friend suggested chaplaincy.

I have worked on and off with youth for many years and in South Africa was appointed the national youth director of the organisation I worked for. There I also worked with street children in Cape Town. Something I loved doing was taking groups of 20-30 young people on 3-5 day bush hikes. In Australia my wife and I undertook respite fostering for 5 years.

Society has changed rapidly in the last 20 or 30 years and young people face many issues including anxiety, relationship problems, family breakdown/instability, friendship concerns, academic stress, grief and loss, mental health issues and bullying.

I help support struggling students by spending time in classrooms, taking students out for chats when they raise concerns, and spend regular time with some students doing art and craft and engaging them in meaningful discussion. I also co-facilitate a weekly Drumbeat course, and run several clubs including Lego, Friendship, and Craft. I occasionally accompany students on excursions and sports carnivals, etc.

I can often be seen at one of the gates welcoming children to school. My office is located in the library and if you would like to chat over a coffee please feel free to contact me. I am available Wednesday – Friday.

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