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Pwc Legal to Boost Managed Services in New Law Project

With Cloud for Legal, legal departments benefit from a trusted advisor by working with clients to analyze and assess business and technology needs. PwC will recommend the most appropriate legal technology solutions for its business, connect and configure systems, and leverage PwC`s proprietary legal technologies, including a legal data lake, intelligent automation, natural language legal processing (NLP) and other AI-based legal solutions, all built on the Microsoft cloud. to help clients derive even more value from their existing technology investments and legal operations. pull. A legal NLP capability can add value beyond the functions of the legal department, not just for contract execution. Unstructured content passes through several functions of the legal department. A legal NLP can be integrated into a set of legal service workflows that include unstructured content and documents. As markets, businesses and legal departments evolve, legal teams need to have technology to support their own rapid adaptation. A composable cloud approach enables this resilient adaptation by providing building blocks that can be continuously reassembled to automate and improve legal service delivery and continuously improve legal operations. You also need your technology to keep pace with changing business needs.

Enter composability, a concept in which systems and processes are created using packaged business capabilities (PBCs). PBCs are applications or services for a specific business function. These PBCs are like building blocks – they can be easily assembled and reassembled to provide modular, composable, easily customizable and ready to change solutions. The benefits of legal transformation are clear: improving the quality, consistency, efficiency and timeliness of legal support for the business. When these elements fit together, lawyers can focus on more rewarding and better quality work. Integrity and compliance with regulatory, ethical and social responsibility in protecting customers and business partners absorb resources. And supporting governments, regulators and law enforcement agencies in their missions leads to a variety of processes, interventions and operational tasks. They are all important, but none of them add value to the core business of the institution itself.

By partnering with a trusted managed service provider, financial institutions can focus on their core mission. They can free up time and resources that can be spent on value-added projects, while ensuring that their compliance processes are managed and improved to meet their obligations to regulators and society as a whole. Legal services are encouraged to provide a greater volume of legal services from a smaller financial framework. We help our clients reduce their costs by helping them with their daily legal tasks and operations, such as preparing contracts. negotiation and execution; management of rights, obligations and loss of value; handling legal disputes; and legal support during the operation. Clients leverage our close and offshore legal and technology teams to leverage global expertise wherever they need it. Legal business solutions that take corporate legal departments and law firms to the next level by integrating people, processes and technology. We help legal departments achieve their most effective goals through a unified approach to legal operations, consulting, transformation and integration. We evaluate and evaluate large in-house legal teams to identify and implement opportunities to improve their operating models, leverage automation and legal technology, and achieve significant cost savings. Meet the evolving needs of an enterprise-wide eDiscovery program with a platform that can help dramatically reduce legal costs. A modern legal department needs a holistic, optimized technology portfolio that leverages data. This portfolio would include PBCs in the form of packet accelerators and solutions that can be configured and deployed in all possible scenarios.

These features provide value-added capabilities that complement or deepen leading legal technology software. For example, Microsoft`s PowerPlatform capabilities allow non-developer lawyers to update and configure solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of their legal department.

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