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I can`t imagine you`ll be buying puddle jumpers online that wouldn`t be USCG approved, but always check before you buy. Puddle divers are hybrid devices that combine the characteristics of a lifejacket and buoyancy aid. They are designed to ensure your child`s safety in and around the water. We have been using our puddle diver on the boat for years. Although it is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, we believe it should be used on the boat in certain circumstances, such as anchoring and swimming. Since the design can be easily removed, a standard life jacket should also be used on the go. Puddle divers keep your child`s chin out of the water more effectively than a regular life jacket. They are also more comfortable to wear for children because they do not ride like a life jacket. The two things should complement each other, with puddle divers for swimming and life jackets when your boat is moving or your kids are running around a dock or marina. A life jacket is technically better than a puddle diver because it turns an unconscious child face up in the water. That is, it is much less comfortable to wear it for a long time.

Even if you own a Coast Guard-approved puddle diver, that doesn`t necessarily mean you can use it when navigating where you live. You can buy Stearns` puddle sweaters on Amazon, so click here for the latest prices. We do not believe puddle divers should be worn when the boat is in motion, as they can be easily removed. To clear up any confusion, always check your local laws and, when in doubt, try buying a Type I, II or III puddle diver. Puddle divers can be very helpful for children who are not good swimmers or who get tired quickly while swimming. I decided to pay a few extra bucks to buy the jacket called “Puddle Jumper Deluxe” because they have more padding on the chest (which makes a difference in buoyancy for kids) and they just seem to be of better quality. And I was able to make a comparison with another kid who seemed to have the basic puddle jacket. Our luxury puddle sweater lasted for years and several children! Puddle divers are great swimming tools for young children and can help them learn to swim.

Note, however, that their suitability for boating may be limited. For this reason, it is important that your child is supervised at all times when carrying a puddle diver, especially if they are not a good swimmer. Unlike arm or wing floats, which are NOT Coast Guard approved, puddle divers are fully Type III certified. This means that they support the child`s upper body above the water. Hello – Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children aged 1 to 4 years. Many parents who have lost their children to drowning, as well as many accredited swimming schools throughout the day, create a false sense of security by making children believe they can swim, but they don`t know that it`s the puddle diver who keeps them afloat and they can`t swim themselves. Most drownings occur during periods of non-swimming and can occur in as little as 30 seconds. Please consider doing extensive research on the correlation between puddle divers and drowning people. It is said that they should always be used in open water such as a lake, river or ocean, but should NOT be used in pools or how to teach children to “swim”. Practical tip: The puddle divers I recommend and review on this site are all USCG approved products.

The safest ones on the market are those from Amazon. Most modern puddle divers and similar PFDs that have recently been manufactured will be Type III, including all the products I recommend on Practical tip: Although children`s life jackets are available in many sizes, puddle divers are generally suitable for young children weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. In case you don`t know, a puddle jumper is a combination of life jacket, buoyancy aid, and life jacket. A child slips his arms through the diver`s arm swimmers and is then tied behind his back to secure him. Puddle jumpers are Coast Guard approved and are considered Type III personal flotation devices (PFDs). Puddle divers are not intended for infants or young children. The U.S.

Coast Guard recommends that puddle divers only be used by children weighing more than 30 pounds and at least 4 years old. Puddle divers are fantastic tools for the swimming development of babies and toddlers. Finally, puddle divers can give children a false sense of security and encourage them to take unnecessary risks in and around the water. That said, if you own a Type V (or 5) puddle diver, it`s illegal to use it in Florida. But in other states, a Type V is approved for boat use. The only brand worth considering is Stearns. They invented the puddle jumper, and everything else will be a bad imitation. Coast Guard approved puddle divers are approved for boating and have excellent buoyancy aids. However, they should only be used in certain circumstances, such as swimming and anchoring, and some state laws may prohibit their use while driving. If your boat is on its way, consider replacing the diver with a toddler life jacket instead. However, puddle divers are not intended for infants or toddlers.

Yes, but puddle divers should only be transported when the boat is at anchor or moored. They must not be worn while the boat is en route. Puddle divers are very suitable for pools and shallow open water, if the child is properly supervised by an adult. My wife and I only use puddle divers on our kids when our boat is static and we have free time in the water. One type of boating safety equipment you might land on is the so-called “puddle jumper.” Puddle divers are sometimes referred to as “pool noodles” or “floats”. Puddle divers can also get children to hold their breath while swimming instead of exhaling normally. This can cause panic and shortness of breath if the child is tired or immersed in water. If you plan for your child to wear a puddle sweater while boating, make sure you have a well-fitting lifejacket on board for each child, just in case. Indeed, puddle divers can make it difficult for a child to swim if they fall overboard. They can also hinder a child`s ability to get back in the boat.

While puddle sweaters can be helpful in protecting your child, it`s important to use them properly and never leave your child unattended while you`re wearing one. Puddle divers do not teach a child to swim. I am indeed as a WSI (water safety instructor) it is very difficult to teach children the right shot if they have always carried these things. Its arms remain on the side, like an airplane. I have also seen children bow on their backs, or worse, on the front (face) and cannot stand up. I am also a lifeguard and I had to chase these children to lift them. It also seems to give many parents a false sense of security, and they don`t always supervise the kids as they should. As professional WSI and lifeguards, most of us hate puddle divers. By the way, the Coast Guard has the lowest rate for buoyancy aids Puddle divers are also not meant to turn an unconscious person facing the water. For this reason, the Coast Guard recommends that you put your child in a Type II lifejacket once the boat is underway.

Swimming technique is very important for effective swimming, and puddle divers can cause children to develop an ineffective swimming posture.

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