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As a member of prepaid plans, you have direct access to more than 20,000 lawyers across the country, including in the state of Florida. We set high standards for our lawyers in the network because we understand that you deserve the highest level of legal representation. Start your business legally and properly so you can achieve your goals with confidence. Get legal support to protect and grow your business through document review, debt collection and more. If you need legal help, LegalShield is here. Our network of experienced lawyers can advise you, your family or your company on legal issues directly via our app. With no hourly fees or advance payment, we help you worry less and live more. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and speak to a lawyer in just 4 hours after the first contact. I`m Dan Mantzaris – of Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal is LegalShield`s law firm for North and Central Florida. de Beaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal is a general law firm that has operated from our Orlando headquarters since 1976, serving clients throughout the state of Florida. We have more than 50 lawyers with experience in various areas of law. In addition, we have a network of referring lawyers to whom we can turn if necessary.

And when exactly can you call? We want you to call us as often as you need legal assistance. Think of us as both a lawyer and your trusted friend, because that`s us. We`re here for you! And every time you call, we are ready to provide quality legal advice with the highest possible level of customer service. We want you to feel comfortable every day, knowing that our firm will help you make better legal decisions, with the certainty that you have easy access to legal advice. We look forward to seeing you! We also want to hear what you think of the services we provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact LegalShield Headquarters or us about the service you have received. We are very proud to be LegalShield`s law firm for North and Central Florida. Thank you for the opportunity to meet your legal needs! LegalShield℠ develops, designs and markets legal service plans across North America. LegalShield℠ currently has over one million active members in North America. For more information, see We have worked with law firms in the United States that have experience in almost every area of law. You can consult your LegalShield provider on many common legal issues and they will work diligently to find a solution. Delve deeper into some of the most common practice areas that your LegalShield firm can help.

Over the past 49 years, we have worked to build long-term partnerships with high-quality law firms in the United States and Canada. Whether you have a personal legal problem, need help starting your business, or just want expert advice, our network of lawyers is here to help. No hourly fees. No holdbacks. Only legal answers when you need them most. A prepaid legal services plan is created when a group (called a sponsor in the rules) enters into a direct contract with an executive lawyer to provide legal services to its members. An executive attorney is a respected member of the Florida Bar who is accountable to the Bar Association for the proper execution and operation of the plan. From real estate to estate planning, our experienced Florida attorneys can provide you with in-depth legal advice that offers you a variety of options. We set high standards for our lawyers in the network because we understand that you deserve the highest level of legal representation. DSK Law is honored to be the law firm for all LegalShield℠ members in the northern half of Florida. We currently serve over 60,000 members in Florida and provide a wide range of high-quality, affordable legal services.

These services include telephone consultations, document review, letter writing, preparation of wills and representation in various cases at a reduced price. We can support members in English and Spanish. (list of all office employee locations by county) There is no limit to the number of Florida lawyers you can consult. You can benefit from telephone consultations, document review, and many other legal benefits. Legal advice on an unlimited number of personal legal issues by lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience. (US Securities and Exchange Commission) (FL Dept. Financial Services) Lawyer`s reminder 4 business hours Document verification 3 business days Letter (draft) or phone call 3 business days Preparation 5 business days Recommendations 3 business days Contacting DSK Law Group via this website does not constitute a lawyer relationship, and not all information sent is protected by solicitor-client privilege. Sign up today for access to discounted avocados in Florida and throughout the United States. Office of Insurance Regulation – List of Insurance Companies for Prepaid Legal Fees (Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Please read our Internet disclaimer and privacy policy before using the web portal. The use of the web portal may result in the waiver of your professional secrecy for all documents or information transmitted through the portal. By using this portal, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of all disclaimers and terms of use set forth herein, as well as the terms of this Internet disclaimer and privacy policy. We reserve the right to change the Internet disclaimers, all terms of use and disclaimer and privacy policy.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to check them before each use of the web portal. By using this web portal, you assume all responsibility and risk associated with the use of this website and the Internet in general.älle/Insolvenzfälle (Bankruptcy Application Forms) Please note that the only two languages in which LegalShield℠ contracts are sold in the State of Florida are English and Spanish. A member must be able to communicate in one of these two languages to become a member. If they are unable to communicate in one of these languages, we will not be able to serve that member. This will result in the termination of this membership and a refund of all funds. As a member of prepaid plans, you`ll have direct access to our network of over 20,000 attorneys across the country, including attorneys serving various cities in the state of Florida, including: (United States Patent and Trademark Office) (lists approved credit counseling programs) (FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs) LegalShield℠ has established certain standards that all supplier companies must furnish. member services. These standards are: (FL Dept. transportation claims of deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP, its partners, employees and agents or any contributor to this website are not liable for any damage or injury caused by malfunctions, errors, omissions, inaccuracies, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, computer viruses, unauthorized access, modification or use of this website.

deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP are also not responsible for any errors, delays, interruptions or omissions in the information, software or any other material that is part of, refers to or linked to this website. There is no guarantee as to the results obtained from the use of the site. In no event shall deBeaubien, Knight, Simmons, Mantzaris & Neal, LLP be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this website or its content. If you are dissatisfied in any way with any of these Terms of Use, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this website. (Department of Florida) If you have a question regarding your own LegalShield℠ contract, please contact Department of the Interior Customer Service at (800) 654-7757. The provider company is not authorized and is prevented by the Ministry of the Interior from interfering in these cases. Both of these departments have experienced staff who are trained to help you with these kinds of problems. Attempts to contact the supplier company will simply result in your referral to the Ministry of the Interior.

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