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New Laws for Nys 2021

Renewals of license, approval, consent and registration require at least 45 days` notice for renewal as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. Effective date of the Act: May 26, 2020. Note: This local law is effective immediately, expires and is considered repealed on March 1, 2021. This law obliges municipal authorities to publish a list of all licenses, permits, consents or registrations not covered by the extension provided for in Article Four of Mayor`s Emergency Decree No. 107, issued on April 14. 2020. The list shall be published on the Agency`s websites not later than 14 days after the coming into force of this Act. In addition, this bill requires that all extension periods not be earlier than 45 days after the expiry of section four of the Mayor`s Emergency Order. For licences, permits, consents or registrations that expire on or after March 12, 2020 and have a term of less than 45 days, the renewal provided for in this Bill will apply only to the initial term of that licence, approval, consent or registration. Read Local Law 57 of 2020. Limit fees charged to food service establishments by external food delivery services without expiring.

Effective date: January 24, 2022This bill would add a new section to the subchapter added by proposed introduction 1897-A, which prohibits third-party food delivery services from charging food service establishments more than 15% per order for delivery and more than 5% per order for all other fees. excluding transaction fees. The bill would prohibit third-party food delivery service providers from charging more than 3% per order for transaction fees, except that a higher fee would be allowed if the third-party grocery delivery service can prove that such a high fee has been charged to the service by a credit card company or Internet payment system. if need be. This bill would also require the ministry to report to the mayor and the chair of council every two years, no later than age 30. September 2023, presents a report recommending that the fee cap of this Act be maintained or adjusted by examining factors such as the impact of the cap on third-party food delivery services and food service establishments; whether the cap affects the wages and working conditions of delivery workers; products provided by external food delivery services for registration, processing and marketing; and figures relating to the sub-chapter of the Act, such as the number of complaints and violations, the total amount of penalties imposed and the amount of reimbursements recovered. Read Local Law 103 of 2021. Set minimum payments per trip to external food delivery services and external courier services. Date of entry into force of the law: 22. The April 2022 bill would require the Ministry of Consumer and Worker Protection to investigate the working conditions of third-party food suppliers, including revenue, expenses, equipment required, hours of work and safety. As a result of the study, the ministry is expected to publish rules by January 1, 2023, setting out minimum payments per trip to be made to external employees of food delivery services.

Read Local Law 115 of 2021. Prohibition of including products from a food service establishment in a third-party food delivery platform without a written agreement authorizing such inclusion and the imposition of penaltiesLaw Effective Date: 27. December 2021This bill would prohibit third-party food delivery services – defined in this bill as any website, mobile application or other internet service that sells and offers the delivery or collection of food and beverages from a food service establishment owned by another business – from listing food service establishments on their application or website and making deliveries from those establishments without a written agreement between the delivery service and the establishment. It would also prohibit delivery services from requiring establishments, in these written agreements, to compensate the delivery service or their independent contractors or agents for certain damages suffered after leaving the food or beverage establishment. Offences under this Act would be punishable by a civil fine of up to $500 per day per establishment for which a violation has been committed. The Commissioner of the Ministry of Consumer and Employee Protection would be required to inquire about the requirements of this Act. Read Local Law 91 of 2021. Establish standards for paying food suppliers.

Effective date of the law: April 22, 2022The bill would prohibit food delivery apps and couriers from charging delivery people to pay their wages. It would also require food apps and couriers to pay their delivery people for their work at least once a week. Read Local Law 116 of 2021. The new laws and rules applied by the DCWP are listed below. For other changes to the City of York and bylaws, see the Laws of the City of New York (Public Access Portal), the New York City Council Legislation website, and the New York City Rules. Fair Workweek LawRule Effective Date: June 23, 2022Notice of Adoption implementing Local Laws 1 and 2 of 2021 and Local Law 77 of 2021 relating to the Fair Working Week Fast Food Workers Act. Read the rule. Go to section for: New laws: 2022 | | 2021 | 2020 | 2019 | | 2018 2017 2016 | | 2015 2014New rules: 2022 | | 2021 Billiards 2020, name change and penalty scheduleEffective date of the rule: March 24, 2021Notice of adoption to amend the rules of the Ministry of Consumer and Labour Protection (“Ministry”) implementing Local Laws 80 and 99 of 2020.

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