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2. Rods and discs For all powerlifting competitions organized according to NASA rules, only disc dumbbells are allowed. The use of discs that do not meet the current specifications will invalidate the contest and all recordings made. Only handlebars and discs that comply with NASA specifications can be used throughout the competition and for all lifts. Bars used at world or regional championships must not be chrome plated at the knurled edge between the inner collars. NASA Arizona will operate under NASA national rules (i.e. RACs) published here, with the following exceptions listed below. 1. The Natural Athlete Strength Association (NASA) recognizes the following lifts for full powerlifting, which must be performed in the same order in all competitions conducted in accordance with NASA rules: a. Unequipped or equipped squat divisions b.

Bench press Unequipped or equipped divisions c. Divisions not equipped or equipped with deadlift All NASA rules are strictly enforced. Super combinations are not allowed. Bank shirts are not allowed. In case of a tie, each weightlifter is weighed again, and the lightest wins this place. If there is nevertheless a tie, the two weightlifters will be awarded identically. No weightlifter may have reached the age of 14 on the day of the meeting. All lifters must purchase a NASA subscription for $10.00 per year. To be effective in this type of competition, everyone must have an up-to-date set of rules. Outstanding weightlifters – The best weightlifters are selected based on the highest score for the following weight categories 20 kg. per 30 KG., 35 KGS., per 47.5 KGS., 55 KGS. of 67.5 kg.

and 70 KG. per 70 g p.c. These are awarded in both men`s and first-place leagues. NASA Youth Competitions – NASA will hold youth meetings at each state meeting. We will hold more than 20 state meetings and 17 regional meetings. We will hold our first-ever NASA National Youth Championships in the fall of 1991 – NASA will sanction several other youth meetings in different states throughout the year. For a complete list of all NASA state meetings where youth meetings are held, call NASA headquarters at 1-405-872-9684. Specially designed youth trophies – A NASA Youth Meets is awarded to their weightlifters, who end the meeting with specially designed sculptural trophies. Each weightlifter who finishes the meeting receives an award.

The winners from first to 3rd place will receive the boys and girls divisions. Specially designed for youth for NASA offers a full range of benches, stool holders, plate holders, wetsuits, wraps and trap bars for all its members at a discounted price. All our equipment is fully guaranteed and satisfaction is our main goal. NOTE – These rules were revised and updated on October 12, 2022 – These rules will be updated when deemed necessary for certain local elements and are subject to change without notice. 4. Once the pole on the shelves or on the platform has been replaced after the completion of the elevator, the arbitrators announce their decisions regarding the lights. White for a “good elevator” and red for “no elevator”. 5. The three referees may sit at what they consider to be the best viewing positions around the platform for each of the three lifts.

However, the main referee must always consider the need to be clearly visible to the lifter performing the squat or deadlift. 6. Prior to the competition, the three referees shall jointly ensure that: (a) the competition platform and equipment comply with the rules in all respects. Rods and discs are checked for weight differences and defective devices are discarded. b) The scales are working properly and accurate. (c) Weightlifters weigh within the weight and time limits set for their body weight category. d) The costumes and personal equipment of the elevators comply with the regulations in all respects. 5. The rules apply to all levels of competition, whether it is a local, state, regional, global, international competition or a competition that states that it will be held in accordance with NASA rules. Shirts: Sleeveless Erector Shirt Heavy Duty Erector Sleeveless Shirt Heavy Duty Erector Shirt Blast Shirt Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HD) High Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (EHPHD) Phenom Shirt The “Rage” Bank Shirt “Rage-X” 7. During the competition, the three referees must jointly determine that: (a) the weight of the loaded pole corresponds to the weight announced by the speaker.

For this purpose, loading tables may be issued to arbitrators. (b) On the platform, the costume and personal equipment of the lift shall be exactly as declared, checked and marked during weighing. If an arbitrator has reason to doubt the integrity of a lift in this regard, he or she must inform the Chief Adjudicator of his or her suspicions after the elevation has been completed. The three referees can then check the weightlifter`s costume and personal equipment. If he is found guilty of carrying something that was not recorded at the weigh-in and is illegal, he will be immediately disqualified. Body weight categories (men) Body weight categories (women) Use your phone`s camera – scan the code below and download the Kindle app. The T-shirt is subject to the following conditions: a. Is not torn. b.

Not made of rubberized stretch material or similar. c. Does not have pockets, buttons, zippers or reinforced collar. d. Does not have reinforced seams. e. Made of cotton or polyester or a mixture of both. Denim is not allowed. f. Does not have sleeves that end either below the elbow or at the level of the upper deltoid muscle. g. Weightlifters cannot push or roll their sleeves to the deltoid muscle when competing in NASA competitions.

h. T-shirts should not be worn from the inside out. I. Is plain or the official T-shirt of the contest in which the weightlifter participates, or wears only the badge and/or registration of the nation, national or regional association, team or sponsor of the weightlifter. j. Anything that is offensive or likely to bring sport into disrepute is not allowed. k. The T-shirt should not be sleeveless for the squat or bench press. Can only be worn during deadlifts and loops. Wrist 1.

It is allowed to wear scarves with a maximum length of 1 meter (about 39.37″) and a width of 8 cm. Alternatively, bracelets with a maximum width of 10 cm, about 4″ can be worn. A combination of the two is not allowed. 2. When the bracelets are wrapped, they can have a thumb buckle and Velcro patch for safety. *The thumb loop can now remain lit for any legal elevator.* 3. A wrist wrap must not protrude more than 10 cm above and 2 cm below the centre of the wrist and must not exceed a total width of 12 cm. 4.

Commercially available sweat bands not exceeding 12 cm wide may be worn. A combination of wrist wraps and sweat bands is not allowed. 5. Velcro is allowed on wrist wraps as long as it is included in the 1 meter length. 3. The meeting director may authorize teams to attend other NASA meetings. If the match director has teams competing with each other, the following points system (see 4.) is used. Only suits, support shirts and scarves from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee are approved for use in equipped powerlifting competitions. This applies to all championships and records, from local to world. Velcro straps on squat and deadlift suits are allowed.

1. Each team can compete in the twelve body weight categories for men and ten participants in the range of ten body weight categories for women. There may be no more than two participants from a nation in a given body weight category per team. Each nation may field two (2) teams for each world competition. 1. The lifter takes an upright position, with the top of the bar not exceeding 3 cm below the top of the anterior deltoid muscle. The bar is held horizontally on the shoulders, hands and fingers holding the bar and feet flat on the platform with the knees locked. (See Figure 1) 2. After removing the rod from the racks, the cylinder should move back to determine its position. In this position, the elevator waits for the signal from the chief referee. The signal should be given as soon as the cylinder is stationary and the rod is correctly positioned. If mechanical racks are used to retract, the jack must remove the bar from the racks before they are removed and wait motionless for the Chief Referee`s signal.

The signal from the head referee consists of a downward movement of the arm and the audible command “Squat. 3. After receiving the signal from the head referee, the weightlifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the upper surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the upper knees (see diagrams 2, 3 and 4) PURPOSE This program is developed by the Natural Athlete Strength Association to develop the mental and physical abilities of young athletes. Our young participants are limited by the weight they can try at each lift. They are judged on their combined form and abilities. We will use a unique set of evaluation lights that indicate the quality of each elevator attempted. 4. Racks squat a. Squat racks must be robust and offer maximum stability.

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