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Midwestern Pa School Requirements

The professional curriculum leads to a Master of Medical Science in Assistant Physician Studies (M.M.S.). This 24-month full-time professional education program offers students the opportunity to earn a college diploma and meet admission requirements for the PA National Certification Examination (PANCE). The PA program does not offer extended studies beyond the usual duration of the program. The maximum duration to complete this program is 36 months. The specific roles and clinical tasks and responsibilities that graduates can expect vary depending on their chosen career path. Graduates of the PA program must be able to competently perform patient histories and physical examinations, collect relevant patient data, commission and interpret diagnostic studies, identify common diseases and disorders, select appropriate therapeutic modalities, perform minor surgical procedures, manage life-threatening emergency conditions, Improve health through counselling, education and Promote disease prevention and demonstrate interpersonal skills compatible with the role of physician assistant. The programme is a combination of didactic and clinical training, with the first 12 months covering a variety of didactic courses. The Admissions Office will send letters acknowledging receipt of completed CASPA applications with all required materials to applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the GPA general and scientific requirements of 3.00. The letters also include instructions on how to track the status of the online application. Applicants should track the receipt of their application documents to ensure that all required documents are submitted.

Only applicants who submit all required application documents within the published deadlines will be considered for admission to the program. Applicants who do not meet these enrolment requirements or omit or falsify information on official admission documents automatically lose their place in the program. Any person accepted for admission to the College or Program who does not meet the specified deadlines for submitting all required documents will be notified by the College or Program of any missing materials and the possible loss of their seat. Midwestern UniversityOffice of Admissions19555 North 59th AvenueGlendale, AZ 85308623/572-3215 or 888/ Some students may be able to successfully coordinate student jobs on campus, but the educational requirements of the program remain the priority. Students who choose to work off-campus despite this recommendation must meet all expectations for university and program participation, professionalism, and academic standards. At the time of application, students enrolled in another Midwestern University program will be guaranteed an admission interview with the Physician Assistant program if they meet the requirements outlined in the Midwestern University Program Articulation Agreement in this catalogue. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from professionals to CASPA. The Admissions Office will only accept letters of reference received directly from the CPSA. It is best if a letter is written by a science teacher who actually taught the student or to an advisory committee before health. The second letter may be written by one of the following: a pre-health advisory board, pre-health advisor, college professor, or health professional (preferably PA) familiar with the applicant`s academic and professional qualifications. Please refer to the CSPA application instructions for specific guidelines and requirements for submitting letters of recommendation. Accreditation will remain in effect until the program is completed or withdraws from the accreditation process, or until accreditation is withdrawn due to non-compliance with the standards.

The approximate date of ARC-PA`s next program validation review will be June 2028. The history of program accreditation can be found on the CRA-PA website: To take CASPer, you are responsible for obtaining access to a computer with audio capabilities, a webcam and a reliable Internet connection on your chosen trial date. CASPer can be taken virtually anywhere you can meet the above requirements. There are no exceptions for applicants who cannot complete CASPers online because they are located in locations where the Internet is unreliable due to technical or political factors. Please visit to register and book a test with your CASPA ID and government-issued photo ID. You will receive a limited number of test dates and times. Please note that these are the only test dates for your CASPer test. No further testing is planned. Please use an email address that you check regularly; The test schedule can be updated. Enquiries about the test should be directed to

Alternatively, you can use the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen on the website. 5. Behavioral and Social Characteristics: The candidate must have the emotional health necessary for the full use of his intellectual abilities, the exercise of good judgment and the constant and timely fulfillment of all responsibilities and the development of mature, sensitive and effective relationships. Candidates must be able to tolerate demanding workloads physically, mentally and emotionally and function effectively under stress. The candidate must be able to adapt to changing environments, be flexible and learn to function in the face of uncertainty. Compassion, integrity, concern for others, effective interpersonal skills, willingness and ability to function as an effective team player, interest and motivation to learn are all personal qualities required during the educational process. The candidate must agree to participate in touch/palpation on the skin by individuals regardless of gender in all academic settings, including dental examinations of the head and neck, including intra- and extra-oral examinations. These activities take place in large and small groups, as indicated in the curious requirements of the college. The Dean of the College of Health Sciences may recommend candidates for an interview who meet the minimum requirements of the program to which they are applying (e.g., children of former students, faculty or staff). Admission to a program is not guaranteed to these candidates and their application will be considered in the same manner as other candidates considered for acceptance. All admissions decisions are made by the program`s admissions committee. Midwestern University`s Master of Medical Science (M.M.S.) in Physician Assistant Studies is a continuous, full-time program that spans 27 months from enrollment to graduation.

The Physician Assistant (PA) Professional Program offers students the opportunity to earn a college degree and meet admission requirements for the National Physician Assistant Certification Examination (PANCE). The maximum duration to complete this program is 40.5 months. Due to the strict time requirements during the didactic and clinical years, the PA program strongly discourages students enrolled in the program from working outside of school during the 24-month program. Candidates must submit the official GRE test results directly to CASPA under code 0508 by October 1. Results can also be submitted directly to Midwestern University using institute code MWU 4160. Only test results obtained within the last five years will be accepted. Official GRE results must be received by the admissions office no later than November 1. Applicants who wish to receive credit for mandatory courses obtained outside the United States or at a Canadian institution that does not use English as the primary language for teaching and documentation must submit a formal and detailed evaluation of the course obtained from one of the following assessment services: Learning Outcome 3: Participate in a critical analysis of the real-world experience, medical literature and information resources on Improving Patient Care Outcomes and Self-Improvement. Consult the Midwestern University catalogue for tuition and fee reimbursement policies and procedures. Knowledge for practice; interpersonal and communication skills; The Physician Assistant Program at Midwestern-Glendale University is committed to educating and mentoring students in an environment that cultivates excellence and prepares compassionate and competent physician assistants to serve in a changing healthcare environment. We value a culture of inclusion where students, staff and faculty are honoured, respected and engaged.

Graduates must demonstrate the ability to connect with patients and a variety of healthcare professionals in a way that optimizes safe and effective patient-centered care. * All scientific prerequisites must be courses for science majors. No courses of investigation are counted to meet scientific requirements. Online labs are not accepted. Completed applications received by the application deadline will be reviewed to determine if the applicant is eligible for an interview. Interviews are usually conducted between August and March. The PA program conducts ongoing approvals and approval decisions are usually made within two weeks of an interview. Applicants will be notified of their status shortly thereafter. Cumulative and scientific grade points (CGPA), overall graduate review (GAR) results, letters of recommendation, health care experience, professional knowledge, and motivation for a PA career will be considered when reviewing application documents.

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