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Dormitories: Eligible interns receive housing or scholarships. Olivia Bounadere, Finance Development Program I (and former Global Finance Intern Marketing & Commercial Operations), North Chicago, IL This summer, the internship program was established as a talent pool for AbbVie`s development programs. These development programs are based on specific functions within the company: Operations, Finance, Business Technology Solutions, Clinical Trial Operations, Commercial, Market Access, Marketing Associate, Human Resources and Allergan Aesthetics. Interns are hired to work on tasks in their role during the summer and, depending on their performance, a full-time position may be offered for a development program. Everything we do starts and ends with the patients we serve. We derive our purpose, our products and our way of working from their needs. As an intern, you will participate in this commitment by challenging the status quo and gaining work experience directly related to your field of study and career goals. You`ll accelerate your future career path by having access to some of the industry`s most respected experts and executives around the world. Professional development and learning are important to us and our employees. These are young professionals who are actively supported. AbbVie`s Financial Development Program (FDP) includes four rotations over two years to prepare you for financial management roles. Roles are designed to help you develop exceptional functional and leadership traits by working on a variety of projects while being exposed to different business leaders. To gain foundational experience with AbbVie HRLDP, three 12-month feature rotations will be set up to allow members to explore multiple areas of interest while developing their overall professional skills.

Key functional areas include corporate human resources, talent (talent acquisition, talent management, executive development, culture, organizational effectiveness) and centers of excellence in human resources (total compensation, executive compensation, talent deployment, employee relations and EED&I). Market access is a growing capability that is critical to AbbVie`s continued success. Our Global Market Access Development Program (GMADP) helps develop high-potential talent for future positions in global market access and pricing management at AbbVie. The Marketing Associate (MAP) program offers differentiated rotational tasks coupled with targeted leadership development and learning experiences. In this program, you will have intensive learning experiences that will strengthen your marketing leadership skills. The Business Development Program (ODP) is an accelerated early career development program designed to meet the operational needs of organizations by creating a talent pool for the essential skills needed to meet AbbVie`s strategic imperatives now and in the future. This programme develops world-class junior engineers and scientists through challenging and rewarding rotational roles in six operational roles – providing opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, expand your functional skills, and work with the best pioneers in the industry. Your functional program manager, operations manager and mentor will help you get used to our unique culture of innovation and discovery. By the end of our program, you`ll have the tools and resources to make an informed decision about a career path that`s right for you. The Marketing Associate (MAP) program consists of three 12-month rotations in the following areas of interest: marketing, business analysis and operations, and sales.

It was helpful to see how the concepts I had learned in class applied to the actual financial functions of businesses. When you join AbbVie, you`ll learn and engage with some of the brightest minds in the industry. They do meaningful work that impacts our business and improves the lives of patients around the world. The Excel (AbbVie Externship for Cultivating Emerging Leaders) program is a three-day experience for second-year students to learn about different business areas, network with our teams and leaders, attend educational events, and have the opportunity to interview for an AbbVie internship program for the following summer! Students will visit us in late summer at AbbVie`s headquarters in Lake County, Illinois, and AbbVie will provide travel and accommodation expenses to eligible students. If you`re about to earn a bachelor`s degree or higher, consider an AbbVie development program. Our development programs are designed to give high-performing individuals the opportunity to expand their work experience in a dynamic environment. By holding various sales roles at AbbVie, CLP meets today`s business needs while helping to develop experienced and comprehensive management talent for tomorrow. Each formal development program lasts from two to four years, depending on the discipline.

All members of AbbVie`s development program participate in an 8-month leadership program early in their development program journey to accelerate their integration and career growth, which in turn creates models of long-term success at AbbVie. AbbVie`s academic relations team organizes various on-campus recruitment events. Click on the link below to see when AbbVie could work with your university! The Clinical Trial Operations Development Program (CTODP) provides experiential learning opportunities to strengthen leadership skills and enhance functional expertise in research and development and clinical trial management. Through differentiated rotational roles, leadership exposure, cross-functional collaboration, and peer-to-peer coaching, members develop the knowledge, skills, and relationships essential to accelerate career progression within abbVie`s development organization. The Business Technology Solutions Development Program (BTSDP) is a two-year global rotation program for leadership development. Over the course of three diverse and challenging 8-month rotations, the BTSDP member will develop their technological and business problem-solving skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the biopharmaceutical industry to create value for AbbVie patients. The Commercial Leader Program (CLP) helps develop promising MBA talent for future sales and general management positions at AbbVie. The Sales Leadership Program (CLP) includes two 18-month rotations in marketing and market access and a 12-month rotation in sales. The Global Market Access Program consists of three 12-month internships. By alternating between various roles in market access, the Market Access Development Program responds to today`s business needs and helps develop experienced and comprehensive management talent for tomorrow.

Over the three years, you can work on a rotational basis in the following areas: market access planning and execution, strategic pricing, market access, and pricing for partners or territories, or health and health technology assessment. The Business Development Program (PDP) is a three-year program that includes three 12-month rotations. The main areas of the program are In-House Manufacturing and Engineering (IME), Science and Technology (S&T), Quality Assurance (QA) and Central Services. Members also have the opportunity to choose an elective course in the following areas: supply chain/aesthetic operations, purchasing and supplier management, and external contract manufacturing.

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