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A Que Se Le Llama Pagina Legal De Un Libro

Hello, more interesting your article. But I have a doubt and I hope you can help me, I am creating a website and I want it to become a reference in universities and students in advertising, communication and graphic design. I plan to build a small digital library of books on the subjects, in Google thousands of links come out with a book, but having one place where you can get them all is attractive and comfortable. What worries me is how the copyright of books affects me, I don`t market them and I wouldn`t say I made them. Can it or can`t? How could I do that? Earlier, I mentioned that this is a common standard, because in Spain there are no specific legal regulations that require this page to be included in a book. I am thinking of the legal aspect and I am the opposite of what is used in commercial editions. That is, “copying of the book is allowed as long as the authors and academic presses are recognized. Do you have a template of this type of text? Or you think it`s convenient. only emptiness, silence and non-insertion of text on the credits page. A thousand thanks Creating a page with credits in a literary work is something that corresponds to the publisher. Therefore, before deciding to publish in either stamp, you should first check if this section works (remember that there is no legal obligation to do so). The second step is that the information displayed is in accordance with your wishes or that you want to provide more data.

Hello Mariana, I am going to publish a very small book, 6 x 8 cms. Where can you place the barcode as it would take up too much space outside the covers? Politeness formulas. Some publications began to include information about the typography used in the book. Hello, I have a question. In the publishing house where I work, printed books and their electronic version are produced. As a designer, I am responsible for preparing the files of the printed book for conversion to an e-book. My question is whether I should leave the ISBN of the printed book for the digital book both on the legal side and in the fourth of the liners or only specify the ISBN of the digital version. The other question is that the digital book also leaves the highlight of the printed book? Greetings and thank you for your reply. Very good site, it`s very useful. I will use some of your knowledge and ask you a question.

If you have only done with regard to the registration of the book to register it with the Intellectual Property Registry Office of your country, can you put it on the rights page “All rights reserved”? or something more concrete? Hello Mariana. What exactly is the copyright “of this edition”? I understand that of the author who will have taken care to register the work (the content, the text) in Safecreative or in the land register before sending it to a publisher (I also understand that the publisher takes it for granted because he published it in a book without consulting me). But what does the publisher record and how does it do it? I guess it is a record of the physical book (this text with this cover, this thickness, this weight, this measure, these colors…) and that it is therefore made as soon as it is exhausted, even in a land register. intellectual? Thank you very much. Hi, Melissa. As this is a digital environment, you must take into account the legal notice, the privacy policy and the law on cookies. I suggest you refer to this document: Legal Notice and Privacy Clauses on your website. Best wishes. There are books published under a Creative Commons license and this is stated on the legal page. You can do the same, and the problem has been resolved.

🙂 The mandatory deposit number usually appears next to the ISBN. It is a figure that identifies the book in the cataloguing system of Spanish libraries. If you take a look at the website of the National Library of Spain, you will notice that this topic is not turkey mud, as the goal is to preserve the cultural heritage of the country. It`s nothing. Therefore, and in short, you can define what you want and choose a criterion so that it is uniform in all books. Best wishes. Hello, I don`t know anything about legal issues. But I have a finished book that contains many readings.

Anyway, I`m in the process of making a second volume that contains even more stories (all horror). I want to market it on websites to make a profit, although I plan to print it later. What must I do? The only author is me, no one else. How is it composed? Can I do the cover myself? What should the pages have: 1,2,3,4,5? What should the last 3 (three) pages have? Thank you in advance, your excellent help, from now on I thank you Enromes. Greetings from Argentina You will always find on a credit page who is the author of the book. In addition to its name, you will also see a logo that we already know: that of copyright (©). It is a system that regulates intellectual property and indicates who is the person or organization that holds the economic or economic rights to the book.

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